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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Atrae Bilis - Divinihility

This is a real crusher. Canadian death metal has seen its fair share of great records over the years but this is one of the best that has come across my desk in a minute. The crushing power of Atrae Bilis would be impressive in and of itself, but the wealth of influences that they fuse together on Divinihility is stunning. Here is a record that fuses brutal death metal with powerful grooves and a healthy dose of technical death metal to craft something that will continually beat you over the head. It's fucked up.

Divinihility captures the imagination with the sheer breadth of what they are doing and the ambition behind the record. This is clearly more than just another death metal album. This is a band operating at the peak of their game in order to execute some truly crushing stuff. There is a very clear passion behind this music, a raw energy that serves to make Atrae Bilis a head and shoulders above many of their peers. One of the core elements of this is the guitar tone. It's simply massive. While at times Atrae Bilis certainly do lean a bit towards the over produced side of things, as a general rule they remain nicely in the confines of good taste.

The death roar on a track like 'Ectoplan' only cements the bands sense of death metal bliss. Sure they aren't reinventing the steel but they are creating death metal drawing from a well of different influences and doing it very well. They understand how to craft impressive atmospheres and are executing at a truly impressive level. I can't help but to admire what's been done here and with this much potential on the chopping block it's hard not to wonder what Atrae Bilis may be able to evolve into one day soon.

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