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Friday, June 26, 2020

Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden

For fifteen years Panzerfaust have evolved, grown and strived for bold new heights in their unique brand of black metal. Now they are preparing to unleash what is perhaps their most dynamic and elegantly put together work to date. The Suns Of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden is the second part in a four part cycle from Panzerfaust. This new record is massive in scope. Across its 44 minutes it unleashes some truly terrifying, exciting and powerful black metal that can't help but to stun listeners of all stripes.

First and foremost what stuns me about this record is the breadth of the compositions and the quality of the production. Some of these tracks would have simply been inconceivable in previous eras of the band.  The Suns Of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden really impresses with the way that it has mastered the ebb and flow of this music. Panzerfaust carry the listener away, eagerly showcasing their songwriting brilliance and guiding listeners into a sort of trance. The sublime poetry of album opener 'Promethean Fire' is only reiterated the further we go through the record. Making the overarching magic of this record all the more clear.

When you turn on The Suns Of Perdition II: Render Unto Eden you are allowing yourself to be transported, to discover a new side of the underground. This is a band who have made a point of taking dramatic steps to grow their sound decades into their career. There are so many exciting new elements here, from the eerie clean vocals that dot some of these tracks to the bold synth fueled atmospheres. This is a huge step forward for one of my favorite black metal bands - who knows what comes next?

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