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Monday, June 8, 2020

Carach Angren - Franckensteina Strataemontanus

Carach Angren have started to become a little bit ridiculous but I love them all the more because of it. This is a band who have fully embraced the idea of infusing their symphonic black metal with classic European stories. This time on Frankensteina Strataemontanus Carach Angren share their interpretation of nothing less than the story of Frankensteins Monster. It sees the band reach the next level and continue to spread the wondrous disease of their sound. This music remains over the top, but with a story we all know guiding us through the madness.

The press release calls this record Carach Angren's most 'flamboyant' record to date and I gotta say I agree. Even the first real track, 'Scourged Ghoul Undead' makes it clear that this time it's different. there are all manner of new flourishes here and grandiose synth passages that help to elevate Carach Angren to a whole new level. In some ways they are leaning into their inner Nightwish. The thing is - they pull this off with aplomb. These guys have always been known as great songwriters and Frankensteina Strataemontanus once more leans into what the band has always been able to differentiate with.

Carach Angren are a one of a kind band. This record, while at times a bit campy is a lot of fun to listen too. It's aware of some of the inherent silliness of the genre and isn't afraid to lean into it. as a general rule though, Frankensteina Strataemontanus is masterful. It's a clear indicator that Carach Angren are continuing to grow, learn and reach bold new heights. This is what underground metal was meant to be about, and the symphonic blackened madness of Carach Angren will capture the imagination for years to come!

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