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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Aversio Humanitatis - Behold The Silent Dwellers

Now this is a masterful one. Coming off of the back of their stunning 2017 debut EP Longing For The Untold this latest release, Behold The Silent Dwellers is an EP full of epic black metal journeying. It's a quest for the spirit, a voyage into the abyss and a reminder that Aversio Humanitatis represent some of the best that Spain's black metal scene can bring out. This is an epic release one that sits nicely at the cutting edge of the genre and pointing towards a future that will surely be grandiose.

Behold The Silent Dwellers captures the imagination because of the bands unique ability to mix ominous bellows with more traditional black metal elements. In some ways the sheer evil and desperate madness of it reminds me of bands like The Great Old Ones. In other ways, especially with regards to some of the more epic arrangements that shine on tracks like 'The Sculptor Of Thoughts' the band can feel a bit more like Blut Aus Nord. As my comparisons suggest though, this is definitely a record that seems to sit more comfortably within the flavor of the current French black metal scene than the Spanish one.

This release is thrilling. It distills a lot of the interesting things happening in Western European black metal and showcases a band who continually reach new heights. This music is grandiose and fascinating. It's a record that takes everything that came before and puts it together into a magical release that is going to keep you coming back time and time again. Behold the Silent Dwellers is indicative of the power of black metal today and the more time I spend with it the more that I fall in love.

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