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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Entry - Detriment

It's always fascinating to hear what hardcore that Greg Anderson thinks is worth putting out on Southern Lord. The man was in False Liberty after all. The latest offering from Entry, Detriment is absolutely masterful. There is a sense of torment and evil here that makes for some compelling hardcore. The destructive intensity of what they have crafted is exciting and is a sort of fusion of the magic of hardcores first wave with the intensity of later iterations on the genre. It makes for an interesting listen.

I've always been a fan of hardcore LP's that managed to stay under twenty minutes long like this one does. While it still very much feels like an album, the short run time ensures that listeners aren't going to get bored and can keep coming back to find interesting new sonic blasphemies time after time. There is an intensity here that simply can't be denied, the sort of all or nothing vibe that helps to make hardcore compelling to so many generations of fans. Entry have found a way, in their barking choruses and chainsaw riffs to keep listeners entranced with a sound that is aggressive, over the top and mesmerizing.

This distillation of hardcore magic into a few minutes of wax is thrilling. Few bands have historically been able to conjure up this same level of madness in such a short period of time. The glimpses of powerviolence that dot tracks like 'Vulnerable' counterbalance other moments of punk and more conventional hardcore. It makes for an interesting amalgamation that is clearly inspired by the punk scene and perfect for the punk scene. What more could someone want out of this twisted burning madness?

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