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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Inter Arma - Garber Days Revisited

It's rare that you hear a covers record that is truly stunning. Usually covers albums feel like a last ditch attempt for the band to make money when they are out of ideas. Inter Arma's new covers album Garber Days Revisited is the opposite of all of that. This is one of the most creative and interesting covers albums I have ever heard. There is a simple sort of poetry behind the band that makes their ability to craft covers distinct. The fact that they are among the most talented groups in the scene only elevates these.

What will really impress any listener is the breadth of styles covered by Inter Arma. They've got everything from Neil Young to Venom. While some covers definitely feel in line with what the band has done in the past, others see them pushing their sound to bold new heights. Re-imaginations of tracks like Tom Petty's 'Runnin' Down A Dream' make me legitimately excited for what this band could do next. Meanwhile, their cover of 'Purple Rain' is absolutely stunning. I didn't realize people could do something like that. It's ambitious and powerful, but also true to the original and a stunning take on Prince's legacy.

Despite how serious their takes on a lot of these tracks are, there is definitely an overarching sense of fun. While this is perhaps most obvious on the cover of the Cro-Mags classic, 'Hard Times,' they definitely have that same joy throughout the record. How can you blast out 'In League With Satan' and not have a blast while doing it? Fusing unexpected songs with stellar takes on classics, Garber Days Revisited can't help but to fascinate in its immaculate conception. This is a stunner, a must buy for any fan of the band.

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