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Monday, June 29, 2020

Fleshdriver - Leech

This one is an absolute stunner. Fleshdriver have gone above and beyond with their opening salvo, Leech. There is something utterly crushing and magical about what's going on here. The devastating guitar tone, angular riffing and Swededeath inspired frills make for something wonderfully compelling. This is a death metal and who have managed to distill the magic of so much of what came before into a deliciously twisted whole, a glimpse at a dismal future and a reminder of the twisted world to come.

Fleshdriver understand the power of pummeling rhythms and horrifying staccato frills. They get deep into the guts of death metal and come out with something twisted and powerful. How can you not love the terrifying bottom end that decorates the hardcore inspired 'Morte Agitur'? The bands unique sensibilities prove that their diverse range of influences from HxC to the Gothenburg sound by way of death n' roll can indeed come together for something that is thrilling and powerful. Leech is a five track blow to the head. There's a huge array of ideas, but when they come together they leave you in utter awe.

Highly replayable, a ton of fun to headbang too and full of bitter anger. What more could someone want out of a death metal EP? Fleshdriver are just the sort of twisted and potent young men that you want to hear crushing some evil death metal. This music is punishing and heavy. Wonderfully screwed up and a clear sign towards a more dismal future. This is a truly fascinating listen. A huge debut offering and honestly incredible that the band initially called it a demo. Leech is a stunner. Why aren't you jamming it? 

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