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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Pure Odio - S/T

There is really something to be said for blackened punk. I have always loved the genre, it's twisted offerings and demented remonstrations. The tormented magic of Pure Odio is yet another example of just what makes the genre so special. These Spaniards have crafted a sound that is wonderfully abrasive and nihilistic. It's a punishing assault on the senses and the perfect sort of fodder for a punk rock 7 inch. With punchy riffs and gnashing vocals, Pure Odio sees us all being thrown straight into the bosom of hell.

It's hard not to be enamored with the truly vicious nature of the beast here. Pure Odio have in under five minutes laid out a manifest of hate and sonic slaughter. The way that the band unapologetically goes for the throat across these two songs. Pure Odio is a terrifying listen, a record that frequently seems to search for new depths of depravity and which eagerly has found its place as a blackened punk offering that hints at so much more to come. Yes, Pure Odio aren't really going too far beyond the genres traditional tropes, but when the execution is this good it doesn't matter. They have distilled what makes this music so appealing.

This is the sort of infinitely replayable and wonderfully fun record that is going to keep freaks like me coming back time and time again. It's twisted and aggressive. A pugilistic blasphemy that is in love with its own vile imagery. Pure Odio is an interesting opening salvo, and with more music on the way one can't help but to be curious about how they will build on the furious magic of a track like 'No Es Un Juego' This shit is angry, vicious and unwilling to compromise, building on some of the genres most twisted ideals. Who am I to protest it?

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