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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

High Spirits - Hard To Stop

I've been following High Spirits for a while now. I feel like I even saw the hard rockers back in the day. That being said this new record, Hard To Stop is an interesting step for the band. This is a record that has much more of a power metal feel than previous offerings. Hell, there's even a song on here that's basically pop punk! It's not necessarily what I expected from a band who operated more on traditional hard rock tropes in the past, but it's a lot of fun to listen too as everything is wonderfully polished and nicely executed.

What really gets me about hard rock is the depth of the production. Tracks like 'We Are Everywhere revel in multiple sonic layers, one further along than the next. It's really interesting to listen too come together and constantly elevates the band. As a general rule this is one of the most high powered releases from High Spirits to date. That just means this is perhaps the most fun record from the band yet. I don't think I've heard a record before though that can conceivably point to both Hammerfall and Yellowcard as significant influences. This is just what makes it so fun to dig into though. Yes some of these blends are a little bit silly, but that's what keeps me coming back. It's not supposed to be the most serious thing ever.

Hard To Stop is an album that is hard to stop wanting to listen too.With it High Spirits have dramatically upped their game, and proven that they are among the most talented songwriters in hard rock today. As you find yourself dancing to Hard To Stop you'll realize that something greater has taken place here. High Spirits will put you in High Spirits with high energy, high voltage rock and roll. This is music that captures the imagination and elevates the entire dialog around the band. Who knows where they'll end up next?

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