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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Limousine Beach - Stealin' Wine +2

Woah this record is a whole lot of fun. Though Limousine Beach's debut EP, Stealin' Wine+2 is a mere seven inch they pump their music full of hard rock tropes that can't help but to capture the imagination. Sure Limousine Beach aren't moving the needle, but they are just so fun to listen too. This is good times rock and roll coming through in a time that is extremely bad for most of us. There is something strangely comforting about the summer drenched magic of this record as we head into what will be the weirdest summer of our loves.

How can you not have a blast as you shake, rattle and roll your way through bangers like 'Tiny Hunter'? this is rock and roll that draws on the late 70s magic of groups like Van Halen, the Sweet and even KISS. Of course the record remains distinctly 2020, with clear flavors of bands like Sheer Mag seeping through as well. Kicking off the record with the multi part harmony of 'Stealin' Wine' is ballsy to say the least, but that's just par for the course with these dancey hard rock visionaries. It's a blast to sit back, do a shot and then dance your ass off to the very silly and over the top magic of Limousine Beach.

So who doesn't want to dance and get their jollies with the magic of Stealin' Wine +2? The title track is literally about stealing wine from the first class on an airplane. Limousine Beach understand the decadent magic of rock and roll and they turn it up to 11. Sure they only do it across three tracks, but if it was more it wouldn't be as infinitely replayable. Anytime you need a blast of good times though, why not just take this and crank it? Limousine Beach know how to have a good time. After all, 'First class is just a state of mind!'

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