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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Jupiterian - Protosapien

This is an absolutely fucking crushing record. Protosapien is a monster album from a monster band. After three years of relative silence the sludge metal masters of Jupiterian have returned from beyond the grave with another devastating sludge masterpiece. This record is destructive and punishing. The overarching sense of despair that they communicate is stunning. Jupiterian have not just elevated their entire band on Protosapien but they have gone to prove that the Brazilian scene has the potential be among the best sludge scenes in the world.

What really makes this whole thing work is the overall quality of the production. Protosapien is a thriller because of just how deep the whole thing tends to go. There is an overarching sense here that Jupiterian is more than just another heavy record, it is a record that seems like it's going to drag you into hell. The ominous drums that kick off 'Homecoming' are a reminder of the purely devilish magic of this band. The way that they start to guide you into the abyss is delectable, a fitting proof of just how twisted this group can be. Protosapien stuns with its sense of delighting in evil. The overarching sentiment that we are all getting dragged down with it.

Jupiterian are here to suffocate you in massive riffs and swells of distortion. They have in many ways codified the magic of sludge metal and mastered it. Bringing it all together into five tracks of skull crushing magic. The songwriting here is excellent, the guitar tone amazing and the overall vibe utterly terrifying. This is how sludge metal was meant to be played and Jupiterian know it. Protosapien is one of the more impressive sludge metal records that I have heard in a good long while.

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