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Friday, June 19, 2020

Poema Arcanvs - Stardust Solitude

Stardust Solitude is the sixth album from Chilean death doom institution Poema Arcanvs. This is a record that just pushes the band a bit higher up in the annals of death doom history. Already perhaps the premier example of the genre from their country, this new record is a massive step forward for the band. Now signed to Transcending Obscurity they have come together to conjure up some of the most potent music of their career to date. Stardust Solitude is a solid stunner from back to front, any way you slice it.

For one thing the guitars on Stardust Solitude sound absolutely massive. In fact they may be bigger than any the band has recorded before. The production in general is excellent. Their are all sorts of tasty little frills that help to make this such a compelling listen. Poema Arcanvs manages to continually impress with their songwriting too. Tracks like 'Pilgrim' plunge bold new depths and hint at strange new futures. This record seems to continually one up itself and point towards interesting new directions and images for the band. Stardust Solitude may have taken eight years to put together, but it is immaculate in its conception.

This is without a doubt the most fully realized work from Poema Arcanvs to date. It's a massive step forward for the band and it's exciting to spend time digging into a group so passionate and dedicated to this sound. They are a cut above their peers and constantly hinting at new directions for them to go. It's so empowering to hear all the progress they have made. They are living proof that nearly a quarter century of death doom can turn into something stately and bold, the sort of transcendent chorus I can't turn off.

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