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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Kruelty - Immortal Nightmare

Kruelty are a Japanese act who answer the question, 'What if Asphyx was a hardcore band?' Yeah - this shit is good. With beatdown hardcore riffs and vocals that are wonderfully reminiscent of Asphyx vocalist Martin Van Drunen Immortal Nightmare is an absolutely stunning record. There is a sort of demented fun behind what they have done here. They've fused several core elements that help to make this sort of underground music so special and executed it with a unique sort of bloodthirst that can't help but to fascinate.

Immortal Nightmare may only clock in at just over fifteen minutes, but the band is able to go above and beyond in their attack here. The terrifying march and crushing assault of a track like 'Narcolepsy' is a ton of fun to sink your teeth into and continually reminds us just how good Kruelty were in the first place. There is a sort of bestial triumph to what the band has done here that seems to only get better with each passing spin. The go for the throat brutality of the band shines throughout this record and the more time I spend with their crippling guitar tone the more that it seems ready to just devastate all who stumble into its path.

This is a crusher. A bruiser. A record that gives no fucks and which will continue to give no fucks until all of its enemies are dead. Kruelty have proven here that they are a cut above the rest and their ability to smash skulls in should not be underestimated. This is ignorant and terrifying beatdown hardcore executed at the highest level. Creator Destructor Records has found a winner with these guys. I'm curious to see what twisted new paths the band is going to take next as they rise out of Japan and into triumph.

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