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Monday, June 15, 2020

Siege Column - Darkside Legions

When it comes to underground metal, few bands to emerge from the past few years have the same potency as the devastating Siege Column. Obsessed with Repulsion-esque riffing and devastating sonic assaults, Darkside Legions is the bands second full length. It's evil, twisted and utterly go for the throat. The completely primitive imaginings of the band capture the imagination and ring out songs of torment. This is some wonderfully devastating, and a reminder as to why labels like Nuclear War Now! are incredibly important to the scene.

The vocals are awash in effects. It evokes ghoulish sounds on tracks like 'Funeral Fiend'. Meanwhile the tormented madness of 'Snakeskin Mask' only helps to further the sense of despair that permeates this record. What's weirdly refreshing is how these Jersey boys lean into traditional death metal lyrical themes. Their obsession with songs about war and pure evil may seem a little trite, but it's also a wonderful throwback to times forgot. Siege Column have routinely impressed in the litany of splits and EP's that came before this. So hearing them once more maintain their trademark intensity for an entire record is very rewarding.

Darkside Legions is a masterful record. It leans into the tropes and it seems more focused with cracking your skull in than it is pondering some bullshit 'artistic statement'. Here we have a band who are unrepentantly go for the throat. The chaotic clatter of the title track simply solidifies what we already knew: Siege Column are going to beat you over the head with death metal ferocity until you can't breathe. This shit is intense, evil and over the top. There is only suffering in Siege Column. Can you handle the madness?

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