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Thursday, June 11, 2020

Ten Foot Wizard - Get Out Of Your Mind

Any record that starts out with a song called 'Namaste Dickhead' has to be pretty good in my estimation. Ten Foot Wizard live up to the expectation on this thrilling new record. Building off a triumphant Glastonbury Festival 2019 performance, the band has come out and crafted a jaw dropping record. It's got stoner grooves, psychedelic ideas, and all sorts of unique voyages to the other side. This is a triumphant, all encompassing record that can't help but to capture the imagination.

What really gets me about Get Out Of Your Mind is the power of the production. The delicious little bass frills that underscore the riff of a song like 'Broken Man' are stunning. Meanwhile, the bands ability to fuse disparate genres is truly thrilling. Few groups have this same sense of pulling in elements of everything from funk to sludge by way of classic rock. It gives Ten Foot Wizard a sort of infectious energy that just keeps giving. Get Out Of Your Mind can't help but to impress time and time again with its rich understanding of musical ebbs and flows. The album becomes immaculate, not song by song, but in its full glorious conception.

This is the sort of stoner rock record that you can get lost in. They bring so much to the table and have so many interesting ideas that they are able to structure within a more conventional stoner rock framework. Ten Foot Wizard have lived up to the hype and the promise of their early material. This record drives them far ahead of their peers, it's unique, tastefully executed and imaginative. What more could you want out of a band? They have built something massive by standing on the shoulders of giants.

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