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Friday, June 12, 2020

Prosanctus Inferi - Hypnotic Blood Art

Death metal drawing from Renaissance images of hell, damnation and general evil? Yes please! Prosanctus Inferi have been at it for fifteen years crafting twisted and demented images of blackened death metal madness. Now on their third release, these Nuclear War Now signees have conjured up something wonderfully twisted with Hypnotic Blood Art. This is an abrasive and twisted offering that has me coming back and drinking at the altar of bitter insanity, curious for what more is to come from this vicious LP.

There is a twisted magic to these songs. Tracks like 'Torture Enraped' are accented with potent synths that help to make the whole thing that much more frightening. Meanwhile the flashy solos and Celtic Frost inspired riffage is indicative of a band who have spent a lot of time studying the classics and gone on to turn it all into something that is wholly their own. The inherent madness of these tracks is delicious to spend time with. Meanwhile, the bands ability to make things work with stripped back and lo fi production only serves to further flaunt the insanity and depravity of what Hypnotic Blood Art conjures up.

Prosanctus Inferi are clearly obsessed with their musical forefathers. The war stomp of 'Bellicose Spiritual Violence' ensures that if you weren't sure that these guys like Profanatica and Angelcorpse before, you definitely know now. The group wear their influences on their collective sleeve but that's part of what makes them so compelling and exciting to listen too. Hypnotic Blood Art is a masterful if stripped down offering. The record routinely goes above and beyond, introducing exciting new ideas and evoking demented images. Dig in.

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