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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Vaki - Kuolleen Maan Omaksi

Now this is a nifty one. It's Finnish black metal reminiscent of groups like Mgla or The Great Old Ones. While they might not distill the same evil, their is a sense of torment here that makes for some addictive listening. This is a deep record for people who want to delve into the darkest realms of black metal. This isn't an entry level listen, though it is one I think a lot of people will connect with. What's also interesting is that as far as I am aware, Redefining Darkness aren't really known for their black metal, however their partner on this release, Saturnal Records is.

The songwriting here is pretty next level. The potency of a bridge like that on 'Ikiuni' is thrilling. It's hard not to get lost in the simple poetry and grandiose conjurations of this album. Vaki do an impressive job of encouraging the listener to delve ever deeper into their art, to bathe in the sheer volume but also to understand their rage. There is a sort of elegant sonic poetry to what's being executed here that makes for some pretty compelling listening. Vaki bring you deep into their sonic forest and give you no way out. The depth of the production ensures that you're going to want to sit through multiple spins.

Vaki have conjured up something truly special here. Kuolleen Maan Omaksi continually pushes the needle of what Vaki can do and has kept me mesmerized. This is black metal operating at its finest, distilling the ideas of gods forgot and driving towards bold futures. Vaki have captured the imagination here and the more time I spend picking apart this record the more I'm impressed. It's second wave black metal burnished to a point where it is guaranteed to drag you to hell. What more could a guy want?

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