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Monday, July 27, 2020

Cult Burial - S/T

Now this is an interesting one. Cult Burial have cultivated a unique blend of death doom that has made for some very impressive stuff. Their self titled debut is a stone cold stunner from back to front with rich atmospherics and punishing vocals. Though the band may be relatively new, they play with a very clear sense of who they are and what they want to be. There are so many wonderful layers that you can pick apart as you head ever deeper into the madness of what Cult Burial is all about. Their bottom end dredging madness can't help but to capture the imagination.

Cult Burial is tastefully done, especially for a bedroom project. Rather than descending into noodling, Cult Burial choose to focus on crushing riffs and deafening blasphemies. The assault of a track like 'Sorrow' is nothing short of delectable and leaves you suffering under the weight of a thousand riffs. There is a weight behind what happens here that makes for some wonderfully compelling listening. The perpetual assault is driven by a crushing bottom end and a sense of torment that can't help but to fascinate. The band has found a way to go above and beyond on this one, choking out the listener and leaving them gasping for precious air.

This record can definitely be pretty alienating. For the uninitiated to the world of death doom it's probably too much. However for those of us who really like to sink our teeth into this sort of stuff it is a thrilling release. With endless interconnected layers and tasteful frills galore, Cult Burial have refined a record that will leave you thrilled - if you're into this sort of thing. I for one love the intensity and crushing heaviness. The willingness to touch other genres, flashy guitars and punishing heaviness all make for a dynamic listen.

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