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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Jaye Jayle - Prisyn

So this was a bit unexpected. Jaye Jayle has come on out with a stunning new record, but it is more focused on electronic minimalism than anything else. this latest offering is surreal and fascinating. It thrives on unique musical twists and turns and the vision behind the music is one that keeps me coming back. Clearly heavily inspired by some of the weirder moments of the Iggy Pop discography, Prisyn is a monumental record that fascinates with its minimalistic electronic sounds. Almost more of a soundtrack than anything else there are countless layers to this that need to be unpacked, examined and then pieced back together.

Written on tour in collaboration with Chelsea Wolfe's Ben Chisholm this record is a dramatic left turn for Jaye Jayle. The breadth of the sounds involved are weird and the elegant ways that it comes together can't help but to excite. There is simply so much to sink your teeth into and the very clear vision outlined here is the sort of thing that you find yourself falling back into again and again. Rarely abrasive, but instead a sort of muted padding for every day life, the stripped back and mesmerizing sounds presented here are enchanting. The half chanted vocals in particular are cause for a thrilling and exciting way for the sounds to come together.

There is a very real sense of honesty on Prisyn. It's a record that was written on the road by a guy who was probably very tired for most of it and dealing with the million stresses that come with life on tour. These things mean that Jaye Jayle was able to pull back to the core of what they are. To tear off the skin and to show us that they are among the most twisted masters of the form. There is nothing more to be said about this record than that is is utterly fascinating. Yes it's minimalistic, but that only adds to the strange shimmering layers.

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