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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Eisenkult - ...gedenken wir der Fisternis

What's truly exciting about the newest black metal has been its ability to distill a variety of fantastic elements into something that forms a greater overall whole. There is a very real magic to what has been crafted with ...gedenken wir der Fisternis (Roughly translated: Let Us Remember The Darkness) Honestly the band has done exactly that with this album, they revisit the darkness and guide us through generations of black metal madness in order ot execute at a truly twisted and fascinating level.

Eisenkult have done a fantastic job on this record of crafting up a unique and mesmerizing soundscape. This is an album that seems to transcend so many of its peers simply by sheer force of will. Though the production at times suffers, as a general rule the band has found a way to craft something distinct and exciting. While it very much pulls from second wave black metal there are thrilling piano intros, acoustic passages and nods to a variety of genres. As a general rule it's the atmosphere that Eisenkult conjure up that really serves to make them so exciting and endlessly fascinating to me.

...gedenken wir der Fisternis is just another stellar example of what the German black metal scene is spewing out these days. While they may not be as intellectualized as some of their French co-conspirators, what they have done here is craft an album that mesmerizes and excites. It's a record that goes above and beyond the call of duty, reminding us that their label Purity Through Fire should be praised for their ability to consistently find exciting new bands making meaningful additions to the canon.

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