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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Evoke - Seeds Of Death

This is a nifty one - speed thrash from Norway that draws heavy inspiration from the scene in South America! Usually I think we are used to seeing the range of influences go the other way, outside of very special cases like the legendary Parabellum. The point being - what Evoke are doing here is excellent. Their new record, Seeds Of Death is not only an impressive initial offering but a record that will keep you utterly entranced with the fun and over the top nature of their music. Yeah they aren't breaking new musical ground - but they are a blast to listen too.

I can't help but to fall in love with the gleeful ferocity of this band. Tracks like 'Seeds Of Death' reek of old school metal mayhem. The band sounds like some sort of glorious fusion of Agent Steel with very early Slayer. the sounds are over the top and aggressive. The song structures are simple enough, but that's part of the fun. Evoke is guaranteed to get you pumping your fist and screaming along to what the band have conjured up here. This is heavy metal as it was intended to be, fast, powerful and a whole boatload of fun. What else could you hope to get from a band who seem to only ever want to go faster than over the top.

There is something wonderfully joyful about the manic guitar playing on this record and the way that the lyrics are basically spit out at a mile a minute. The band has really found a sound that is their own. It might not be a very original sound but it is one that has proven to be lasting and which has even casual fans obsessed by the end of the first song. This type of speed metal is I think something the scene needs more of. It reminds us of our roots and remains the sort of magical stuff that keeps you obsessed with true metal mayhem.

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