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Friday, July 31, 2020

Onirik - The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity

I, Voidhanger Records are back once more with that good good. Onirik's new record, their first in five years, The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity is an absolutely masterful offering. This is a record that is multilayered, intense and full of fascinating musical twists and turns. Though it was five years in the making, it was clearly five years well spent. The harsh cackles and spiraling song structures take you through a journey of nightmare logic. It's an epic quest and one that will leave you constantly grasping for meaning.

The angular playing on a track like 'Trapped In Flesh, Blood and Dirt' only serves to make for some of the most intense and out of left field extreme metal that I have heard in a long while. It's the bass playing in particular that stands out. It's given a much more significant place in the mix than usual and this turns into some rather compelling and exciting stuff. There is a weirdly sublime poetry to the execution here, with The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity continually coming through to remind us that Onirik remain among the best of their class. While perhaps not as aggressively weird as many of their I, Voidhanger peers they are just as good.

There are a lot of things to pick apart on The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity and on some level it seems like Onirik's goal here was to craft something that would really get you thinking. There are a lot of takes on traditional black metal here that have been subverted and frequently made proggier. This is an outsiders black metal album, one that showcases massive technical ability and thrills with its dynamic extortions. Frequently eschewing hyper speed guitars in favor of off kilter almost Voivod-esque sensibilities, The Fire Cult Beyond Eternity has all the trappings of a cult classic.

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