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Saturday, August 1, 2020

Sacred Outcry - Damned For All Time

Man who knew that this is what I needed on a Saturday morning? European power metal in the grand old style! There is something incredibly charming about the genre and digging in deep into bands like Sacred Outcry is part of what makes these songs so worth it. 22 years in the making, their debut LP, Damned For All Time is a masterful offering that shows the band may have taken a while to make things happen, but certainly still know how to put together some awesome, and very fun music. It's just the hit I needed to kick start my weekend.

Perhaps the most obvious highlight here is the potent dynamic range. The band has a fondness for acoustic interludes and even touches of choirs, but it is done in a way that rarely drags and usually feels tasteful. The band do not lose themselves in the nonsense that so many of their peers embrace that just feels masturbatory. Even the 14 minute long 'Damned For All Time' seems to make sense within the larger context of what the band is trying to create here. Yes it's silly and over the top, but when combined with the doubled vocals and angular guitar playing it's hard not to be charmed by what Damned For All Time achieves.

There's a lot of technical ecstasy on display here, from burly and elegantly put together guitars to soaring vocals. The raw talent on display is thrilling and the simple elegance of the deliver serves to create a delightful listening experience. This is an impressive record and one that I think true metallers are going to find themselves spinning time and time again. Rather than sliding into boomer metal tropes like so many of their similarly aged peers, Sacred Outcry manage to make Damned For All Time an exciting and addictive listen.

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