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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Xythlia - Immortality Through Quantum Suicide

This is a truly fascinating technical death metal record. It is avant garde, visionary and endlessly exciting. Immortality Through Quantum Suicide packs more in under half an hour of music than many of these guys peers are able to do with entire discographies. Rather than getting caught up in the long form absurdity that plagues so much of this genre, Xythlia have proven that they can get in and out and remain deadly. This is a difficult listen, but its twisted magic captures the imagination time and time again.

The grindcore frills on this record are palpable and really help to make it one of a kind. Tracks like 'Schrodingers Foreskin' with its Napalm Death-esque flourishes are what make Immortality Through Quantum Suicide so special. Punch, angry and always willing to go for the throat, Xythlia have continually impressed me on this record. Though a one man project there is a depth to the compositions here that is intimidating. the band has found a way to clearly differentiate themselves and keep listeners utterly obsessed. Few bands are able to deliver this much intensity in such a short period of time, especially not with this level of technical ecstasy.

Immortality Through Quantum Suicide is a real punisher of a record. It's aggressive and over the top. The breadth of influences is fascinating too. As you pick this album apart you can hear everything from video game sounds to classical music coming together to help foster music that is endlessly dynamic. With a passion for dissonance and a seemingly endless supply of interesting and exciting ideas Immortality Through Quantum Suicide sets itself in a league of its own, exciting, fresh and innovative.

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