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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Bangladeafy - House Fly


For those in the know, Bangladeafy are one of the most unique and exciting bands in New York City. The group have a truly unique sound, with just a drum and bass (And sometimes synths now) they play extremely technical, rhythm centric music that is weird, powerful and enthralling. Nothing is too strange for Bangladeafy to take on. They only look to that next great horizon. Their new record, House Fly is a massive step forward for them. Not only is this the first record to prominently feature vocals, and synths but also it sees a new level of songwriting prowess from the band. 
The raw and tormented emotion that Bangladeafy broadcast here is thrilling and leaves me in awe of what's to come next from these tortured visionaries. This is prog metal at its finest, off beat and over the top. Ready to melt your head. There are simply so many layers that you can sink your teeth into. The band are clearly fulfilling their own distinct vision, fully realized with years of practice and increasingly tight performances. Bangladeafy shine because they are masters of their craft and dedicated to going above and beyond. In some ways their sound almost feels like a parody of prog metal because it is just that good and that far above and beyond their peers. 

House Fly in some ways feels like the twisted next step in the history of jazz. The band have an insane amount going on and there is just so much weird stuff they have to say. For instance the synth laden madness of 'Musca domestica' almost sounds like it was inspired by bagpipe music! This is a record that is wholly unique and a potent force in the world of prog. It's weird, abrasive and not something that your run of the mill fan is going to get. Still for those of us who represent the devout few this is a rare and worthy treat. 

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