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Monday, August 10, 2020

Horde Of Hel - Doden Nalkas


This is an intense one. Horde Of Hel have returned with a third LP, Doden Nalkas and it is a stunner. On this record the band take dramatic steps forward, unleashing preternatural war cries and going straight for the throat. This is twisted Swedish black metal fury at its finest. It seems like with this new album, their most intense offering to date, Horde Of Hel have found ways to access bold new achievements and remind us once again why they are a truly special and indomitable force in the world of heavy underground music. 

As the record kicks off with the wonderfully ferocious 'Blodets Morgon' you immediately know what you are in for. The blasting drums, the synth padding and the unrelenting guitars. Yet these songs are surprisingly well constructed. Though often the notion is just pure go for the throat misery, most of the time that bloodlust is what makes the music so delectable. One finds themselves wandering through twisted sonic passageways, relishing the demented new ideologies and sickening twists and turns. It makes for a compelling offering that is going to continue to pay off for Hordes Of Hel as they grow as a band. 

There is something utterly mesmerizing about this band. At a certain point the intensity no longer is intimidating but is instead a sort of celebration of black metal insanity. The tormented vocals and desperate pleading hunger of these songs comes together to make something addictive and powerful. The band has really leaned into some of their more animalistic elements and this means that the execution on Doden Nalkas is one of a kind, twisted, barbaric and punishingly raw. For those of us entranced with this madness, it makes for a rewarding listening. 

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