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Friday, August 28, 2020

Carnation - Where Death Lies

Hail the young demons! Carnation are back with another more vicious and face melting record. There chaotic assault on the sense is utterly thrilling, and with their sophomore full length the band come across angrier, faster and more vicious than ever. This is a band who are spearheading the new wave of European death metal and it's hard not to be impressed with raw hate that they bring to the table time and time again with this utterly monstrous offering.There is so much to sink your teeth into on Where Death Lies as Carnation prove they are among the greats. 

The chaotic crush of a track like 'Serpent's Breath' speaks to how far these guys have progressed as songwriters. The terrifying assault that they so eagerly lean into here is dynamic and exciting. There are a lot of devastating ideas here and the band seems to continually want to push the needle. What they have done is craft a record that is exciting and powerful, a testament to the death metal misery pouring out of the Euro scene right now. This record is thrilling in its willingness to go the extra mile, to break out the spidery riffs and then to smash your head in with a rock. Not a lot of records can embrace this level of devastation. 

There is an unrepentant sense of swagger here. A sense that this band are not only one of a kind but are going to eagerly crush in your head on their rocket ship to the top. Where Death Lies is a crusher, high speed and full of thrilling ideas. The guitar tone is on point and the execution puts them a head and shoulders above your standard Euro-death fare. It's so good to hear the anger of the old gods in a newer band. Having toured all across the world in their mere 5 years a a band you ,ight as well get used to it... This is true death metal you bastards!

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