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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Hector Gannet - Big Harcar

I think its fascinating how many records have been written celebrating the beauty of the landscape, people and traditions of England. There is a certain romance about the country that is hard to ignore - especially when you really sink your teeth into a monster of a record like this one. What Hector Gannet has done here is create a deeply emotional monolith of folk rock and transcendent magic. The stripped down poetry and frequently minimalist arrangements make for a truly epic listening experience that can't help but to win the heart. 

While the album is strong throughout, I think it's the truly stunning closing track, 'Until My Bonnie Can Be Revived' that really makes this into something special. It's a nearly eight minute long epic that has incredible emotional depth and which revels in the simplicity of a man and his guitar. It sort of provides a nice capstone on eleven tracks of folk magic, alternative frills and the occasional moment of grunge power. As a general rule - the production here is incredible. Even on the most minimalistic tracks there is a lot to enjoy. When things do get a bit more layered it's still powerful, interesting and above all sounds gorgeous. 

Big Harcar is a really powerful listen and it's one that stands up to multiple listens. Even within the most basic elements there is a hint of bliss, sorrow and hope for a future that maybe isn't so fucked. Though Hector Gannet was inspired by a very specific corner of the world, it seems increasingly clear that this has allowed his work to speak to something profoundly human, powerful and unavoidable. It's a joy to listen to this record in all of its soothing alt rock majesty. At the end of the day, when a record is this honest, what's not to fall in love with?

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  1. Ordered the album a couple of months back. Seen them live a few times so good to hear it's as mega a expected.