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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Fires In The Distance - Echoes From Deep November



Man - it's really exciting to see how the global death doom scene has really been flourishing these past few years! Prosthetic Records latest entry to the race has been Fires In The Distance, whose knew record, Echoes From Deep November is a masterful and tastefully executed offering that showcases layers within layers. There is a very real sense of overarching bliss here and a powerful sense of emotion that helps to make this record all the more compelling. With excellent melodic content and clearly executed ideas, Fires In The Distance capture the imagination!

One of the more interesting twists in the Fires In The Distance story is that they initially formed as the side project to their melodic death metal band, Archaic Decapitator. The thing is - this actually makes a lot of sense when you hear tracks like 'Sundial' the album closer. While this record is certainly a death doom record, the fact of the matter is it leans much more on the melodeath side of the genre. As a general rule though, the execution is fantastic and unlike many young bands, Fires In The Distance are clearly very aware of their collective voice and what helps to differentiate them from many of their peers. It makes for compelling listening. 

Propelled by gorgeous guitar tone and a desire to take on the world, there is something inherently fascinating about the execution of Echoes From Deep November. This is a record that eagerly proves that Fires In The Distance are the fierce young players in the global death doom scene, their signing to Prosthetic only furthers that. As for now - if you're anything like me why not turn this record up and get lost in the gorgeous waves of tone with crashing chords, gorgeous melodies and angular playing that captures the soul?

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