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Monday, August 31, 2020

Hell Is Here - S/T

One of the things that I think is going to be exciting coming out of quarantine is not just how all the big bands are writing records but all the cool side projects that are also happening right now. Hell Is Here is one such example. this is Discharge worship at its finest featuring members of Incantation, Ringworm and Keelhaul among others. These are just dudes who have been active in the US metal scene for years eagerly coming together to pay tribute to a band that they have loved since they were teenagers. If that doesn't sound like a blast to you - leave the hall. 

This record may at times feel a bit primitive, but again remember that the main influence is Discharge after all. And that's not to say that this is purely aping the band. The flashy guitar solo on 'Missed Information' for instance is a blast and definitely does not feel like something Discharge would do. So yes - I feel like some of the execution throughout could be better, but given how quickly this project came together it's kind of amazing. In fact I sort of like that the record is a bit rough around the edges - it adds to the legitimacy and helps to prove that these guys understood the core material and are eagerly bringing it to the next level. 

Hell Is Here is a jarring blast of punk fury any way you slice it. I don't think a lot of bands could really conjure up this same level of insanity as they went for the throat time and time again. The bloodlust that they drive and the eagerness to keep conjuring up new auditory madness. It's hard not to be charmed when a band is this crushing, earnest and excited to keep pushing above and beyond. If you're ready to dive into the pit, embrace the hate and feel the old school punk rage all over again though, then this is the album for you. 

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