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Monday, September 14, 2020

Concede - Indoctrinate


I got to visit Perth last year when I spoke at WAMcon. It was a really cool event where I learned a lot. One of the things that struck me about the city though was the breadth and excellence of their punk scene. Concede are another great addition to this community. The powerviolence madness of their new record, Indoctrinate is simply masterful. There is a balls out assault here that captures the imagination and leaves me utterly in awe. Few bands can go for the throat, and continually execute as well as the guys in Concede routinely do. 

There is something devilish and magical about this record. The sheer hatred that they spouse on these songs is inherently thrilling and the super short song structures ensure that you're too busy getting beaten over the head to even think about being bored! This is a band who revel in rolling in the filth. The bile that they spit on a track like the lightning speed, 'Brainwash' is utterly stunning. As a general rule the production on this album is absolutely stellar for the genre. The drums sound perfect, the vocals sit in the ideal place in the mix and the guitar tone - fuck, it's been a while since I've heard powerviolence guitars get this heavy.

Concede are a band who I could quite easily see going on to be competitors with Nails. They are a band who writhe in the murk and perfectly build upon the classic tropes of the powerviolence genre. The raw energy of these songs and the glorious hatred within makes it the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse that we are all experiencing. Indoctrinate is a masterful goddamn offering that will beat you over the head and leave you in awe. They are violent, aggressive and not afraid to hide it. If you're willing to dive into the pit you'll fall in love. 

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