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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Warlung - Optical Delusions

We are now ten years into the Age Of Ghost. They first burst into popular consciousness in 2010, now they are kings in the scene. It thus stands to reason that bands are starting to distill that sound into interesting new directions. Such is the case with Warlung whose horror infused brand of classic rock and roll captures the imagination. Their dominance on this record is exciting. Few young bands have this same sense of presence that Warlung so elegantly execute on and delving deep into their distinct and exciting music is a rare treat indeed. 

It's easy to get lost in these songs, and the sheer level of musicianship is very impressive. Tracks like 'The Scorpion In The Sand' with its gratuitous cowbell are thrilling. The band eagerly leans into classic rock elements, but they are filtered through years of experience and listening. Creating music with the benefit of hindsight always leads to exciting new possibilities. As a side note - if there was another band I'd compare these guys too who wasn't Ghost it would be Howling Giant. Both bands share a similar level of songwriting eloquence. The skill level is also similar and when layered with vocal harmonies it becomes truly transcendent. 

I honestly don't feel Warlung have reached their full potential yet. This record reads like a resume of all they can do, but I want to see them go further, to evolve this sound and to reach a bold new level with it all.  There are a lot of exciting layers to what's going on here and I'm eager to keep sinking my teeth into this band. They give you so many layers to unpack on Optical Delusions it certainly merits listen after listen. Warlung understand how to reward devout listeners, now it's just on you to decide if you're willing to take the plunge!

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