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Friday, September 18, 2020

Cryptae - Nightmare Traversal


I think when you go down the death metal rabbit hole the goal is to really find something sick, brutal and evil. If that's your goal, there's not many better end points than Cryptae, whose new record, Nightmare Traversal is some of the most wonderfully sick and twisted death metal out there. This buzzing, bottom feeding atrocity is fucking disgusting and I love every minute of it. Barely produced and raw to the core, this is the sort of demented death metal madness that so many of us got into the genre for in the first place. Isn't ultimate evil what we're all seeking anyway?  

Right off the bat let me be clear - Nightmare Traversal is fucking hard to get into. If you're not someone who really loves the dungeon basement stuff, who is in love with fucked up bands like Blood Freak, Impetigo and Spewtilator, this is not going to be for you. This is a dense listen and one that definitely takes gumption to get through. But for those of us who are enamored with the crypt, who revel in the filth and are constantly looking for that next demented track, well Nightmare Traversal becomes a sort of monument to inhumanity - and an addictive one at that. This stuff is sick and twisted and that's why we love it. 

On so many levels, Nightmare Traversal is an utter monstrosity of an album. It's challenging in the extreme, full of fucked up guitar tones and wonderfully guttural vocals. It's an album made for freaks, presumably by freaks. It represents some of the darkest frills of the death metal universe, but it is incredibly addictive. It's a veritable sludgehammer of death metal devastation. This is not music for normal people. It's music for those of us who want to go watch a band play at 120 dB while kids smoke crack in a basement that might collapse. Buy it. 

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