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Thursday, September 17, 2020

Witchtrap - Evil Strikes Again

Man - you just gotta love the South American blackened thrash scene. There are so many bands from there that simply rule and represent decades of hard work, discipline and underground metal magic. The latest offering from Witchtrap, Evil Strikes Again is just another example of that. This is Colombian blackened thrash at its finest, full of gloriously evil lyrics and over the top imagery. This is exactly what the doctor ordered - the type of evil thrash metal madness that has helped the sub-equatorial scene stay relevant for so long. 

While yes the production borders on the primitive and yes it has been five years since the bands last record, that's gotta be a part of what you signed up for with this band. Witchtrap are known for taking long breaks between record, but they continually come back with that fierce and twisted metal madness. There is a sense of swagger here that shines through on tracks like 'Return To Hell' which helps to elevate the dialog around them and make for some truly special listening. There is a mesmerizing power to what they are crafting and there allegiance to the old school ideas, classic metal bombast and 90s metal evil makes for something addictive. 

Evil Strikes Again is a fun listen and one that nicely leans into a lot of the tropes that helps to make underground metal so fun. Yes there are moments that are a bit cheesy and yes they lean into tropes now and again, but that's part of the joy of this band. They are heavy metal for heavy metals sake. If you can't get behind something that is so boldly over the top, fun and willing to go for the throat, Witchtrap aren't the band for you. But for those of us who love the madness of the underground and want to dive into the pit... look no further!

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