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Friday, September 11, 2020

Cursed Blood - Taker Of Life


Cursed Blood are an attempt at creating a death metal band with a crust punk attitude. Their music is reminiscent of groups like Autopsy, Entombed and perhaps most closely Disfear. The grinding assault of their new record, Taker Of Life is punishing and exciting. Though at times some of the bands weaknesses do shine through, as a band worshiping the crust/death scene they do a great job of invoking all sorts of old school blasphemy and magic. This is a demented offering and one that DIY metal fans are going to really fall in love with. 

Despite the lo fi production the band sounds surprisingly full. In particular the drums, which are really allowed to have that house show clankiness shine on tracks like 'Thorns And Nails'. Yes that's not what snare drums are always supposed to sound like, but it fits nicely in with the overarching aesthetic. The simple poetry and elegant execution that you hear here is thrilling and though the band are executing with a brutarian stomp this still an album that is going to impress from start to finish with its more devastating frills and eagerness that it goes for the throat. Even within the pitworthy simplicity though there can be surprisingly layers - this is definitely worth a few spins. 

Taker Of Life is a masterful offering that very much leans into the genres core aesthetics and delivers time and time again. Cursed blood have proven that they are one with the legions and that their ability to crack skulls is impressive. While the band certainly lets themselves lag, when they really go for the throat as they do on tracks like 'Backlash Rampage' they demonstrate that this is a band who are able to go for it among the cream of the death metal crop. So join the bacchanal, embrace the darkness and feel the hatred once more!

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