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Saturday, September 12, 2020

Raging Speedhorn - Hard To Kill


Now this one is a monster. For those not in the loop, Raging Speedhorn have been UK heavy scene favorites for years now. Their swagger fueled brand of riff fueled metal madness has captured the imagination of the long haired masses and there is a very real magic to what's going on here. The chaotic mastery of this new record, Hard To Kill helps to showcase a band operating at the top of their game, cutting throats and taking names. It's hard not to be enamored with what's going on here, few bands really lean into the magic of heavy metal as much as these guys. 

The best part is this record is filled with some of the most meaningful songwriting steps forward that the band has ever had. Not only is the cover of 'Children Of The Revolution' a wonderful surprise and an interesting side step for the band, but we also see them rock their way through everything from Motorhead-esque bangers to sludge metal crushers. In terms of arrangements and orchestration it feels like Raging Speedhorn have really been putting in the hours ensuring a stronger overall product and an execution that is going to leave you scraping your jaw off the floor. It's a heavier and more exciting new side to what the band is about. 

Really one can only describe Raging Speedhorn as beautifully organized chaos. The way that they go careening forward even form the first with big choruses and fun guitar solos is a fitting reminder of just how good this band has become. It's been a pleasure hearing the evolve for over a decade now and the grit and sorcery behind what they do has never been more prevalent. Hard To Kill is a truly masterful work that has me coming back time and time again. Are you going to enjoy me as we head straight into the pit once more? 

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