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Sunday, September 6, 2020

Eshtadur - From The Abyss

Now this is a rager. It's been cool to see Eshtadur evolve and grow as a band over the past few years with countless hours of discipline and hard work going into helping elevate their music. This new offering, From The Abyss is masterful, a huge step forward for the band and a thriller. Eshtadur play blackened death metal with a few symphonic fringes. It's a sound that borrows as much from Cradle of Filth as it does At The Gates. There is also a pretty clear Septicflesh influence resonating throughout what the band is creating here. 

There is something mesmerizing about the sheer bombast that they bring to the table here. Doomy keys undercut a raging rhythm section on a track like 'The Red Door' and keep the listener utterly enthralled. Toss in a few flashy guitar solos and you have a record that nicely fuses different eras of metal to make something that is a blast to spend your time with. Regardless of how many influences Eshtadur might be drawing from though, they are always very clearheaded about their own sonic goals. This is a record that is thoughtful and well executed throughout, making it all the more compelling and easy to spin time and time again. 

From The Abyss is an interesting listen. there's a good mix of layers, promising execution and consistent growth from previous releases. This is one of the bands best sounding works to date and their songwriting prowess has only grown in recent years. Three years after their last record, this latest war cry is a thriller and will have listeners raising the horns to a band who truly embody the magic of symphonic blackened death metal. Powerful, heavy and just a little bit fun From The Abyss is a potent and charming offering that won't let up. 

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