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Friday, September 25, 2020

Obsidian Kingdom - Meat Machine

Now this is a fascinating one. Obsidian Kingdom have been at the forefront of thoughtful and powerful experimental rock for a while now. This latest offering, Meat Machine is a masterful next step. It sees the band pulling from noise rock bonafides, grunge magic and then of course the usual array of deep post rock influences. It makes for a really copmelling listen from a band who seem to continually be pushing the needle on themselves and trying to find exciting new ways to progress, impress and reach that next level of magic. 

First and foremost I think that it's important to realize just how good the production is on this album. There are so many layers to pick apart and it's so thrilling to get to really dig into the incredible crush of a track like "Mr Pan." Synths interlock with guitars and powerful vocals. This all being said, while there are definitely moments of pure heaviness, as a general rule Meat Machine is not an incredibly heavy record. It is similar to other Obsidian Kingdom releases in that regard. The band is clearly very comfortable drawing from a wide range of influences and this really helps to cement them in place as a potent act with lots of forward momentum in this scene. 

There are a lot of layers on Meat Machine and ultimately it is going to really be on the listener to spend the time to navigate through the Scott Walker-like magic. Metal Injection were right when they called them 'Masters of every genre.' Listeners can spend hours picking apart what's been done here. Meat Machine is a truly impressive offering that is going to continue to leave listeners in awe. There is so much beauty contrasted with crushing darkness here and it leaves me constantly digging back in. What more could you want from a band this diverse? 

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