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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fumarole - Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes


The Australian stoner rock scene is blooming. There are so many great bands emerging from the land down under. It's no wonder that it makes women glow and men plunder. One of the latest (And greatest) bands to emerge from this morass is Fumarole. Their debut full length Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes is a rock and roll blast. Not only is it a wonderfully fun listen but it's a record that showcases diverse influences making for a dynamic offering that stands a head and shoulders above its peers. This is what stoner rock was meant to be about people! 

Now yes - Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes does lean into genre tropes. (What is it with stoner rock and valleys anyway?) That being said - tropes are kind of the point! The music is wonderfully executed, burly riffs define tracks like 'Mothership' and the cacophony of drums that kicks off 'Depth Dweller' really speaks to the bands ability to pace a record. One thing that really stands out to me here is the sense of space the band is willing to embrace. As a mere three piece they don't go for the wall of sound crush of their peers but instead allow the music a lot more space to breathe. This makes for a far more compelling listen that leaves listeners entranced. 

This is a masterful offering that I know for a fact has been years in the making. It's another victory for the always excellent Interstellar Smoke Records and points at a bright future for the band. They continually prove that their ideas are not played out but in fact only at the beginning of what can be done with them. There's a lot to love about this debut album and it's going to find a way to make you shake, rattle and roll whether you like it or not. Valley Of Ten Thousand Smokes is a stunner, Fumarole have crafted a heavy trip for the ages. 

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