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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Pilgrim - From The Earth To The Sky And Back

When The Pilgrim dropped their debut, Walking Into The Forest I was impressed with their incredible blend of singer songwriter folk. The fact that it came from Heavy Psych Sounds founder and frontman of Black Rainbows, Gabriele Fiori, only made it better. Now, 18 months later he has released a follow up, entitled, From The Earth To The Sky And Back. Perhaps a coronavirus project, still, Fiori proves once more that The Pilgrim is one of the most impressive singer songwriter projects reverberating around the underground! 

Right off the bat you'll notice that From The Earth To The Sky And Back is much more psychedelic than its predecessor. Meandering keyboard lines and rich atmospherics pad out the record and add a layer of transcendence. Meanwhile, the epic, 'Obsessed By The West Parts I-IV' is clearly a step forward for The Pilgrim as a storytelling vehicle. There is a sublime sense of poetry throughout what is happening here that makes this just a record you can turn on, tune in and then drop out too. There is also a very clear sense of fun found throughout. The willingness to embrace classic Americana imagery and the unexpected lilt of Fiori's Italian accent come together to make something utterly fascinating. 

There's a lot to sink your teeth into here. From The Earth To The Sky And Back is a beautiful record. There are moments of extreme humanity counterbalanced with elements of Fiori simply blasting off into space. It's such a delight to let yourself get wrapped up by this record and embrace all that it has come to embody. The quiet poetry and the elegant songwriting make for a piece of music that you are going to come back too and enjoy time and time again. Gorgeously produced and wonderfully to the point - this is artsy folk rock at its finest. 

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