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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Lindsay Schoolcraft - Worlds Away


Now this is an interesting twist from Lindsay Schoolcraft - the Canadian multi-instrumentalist perhaps best known for her work in the band Cradle of Filth. For years - Schoolcraft has made no illusions about her love for playing harp. So in many ways hearing her put together a full harp record is in fact sort of a fulfillment of all her promise. A record full of profoundly beautiful music, Worlds Away is an elegant and thrilling offering that will take the listener on a somber journey as they walk through vast soundscapes side by side with Ms. Schoolcraft. 

If anything - Worlds Away reminds me a lot of the solo material of Kari Rueslatten, the former singer of Third and the Mortal who know releases truly beautiful folk. The music here has a magical quality with pop frills counterbalacing some of the more esoteric moments. I think the real appeal here is simply that Lindsay Schoolcraft is making no pretense, finding something transcendent and capturing the imagination with music that speaks from the soul. These songs are intensely personal, often telling stories about her own life. Its easy to feel her raw emotion and see the pain she is seeking to share with this powerful offering. 

This is a record that invites you to get lost in it. It's an offering that lilts from peak to peak and continually proves that Lindsay Schoolcraft's powers are still not fully revealed. There are so many layers to sink your teeth into even though the record is relatively sparse in its arrangements. This is an interesting listen, and I gotta say - it's not every day I hear a harp record. There is a certain sense of purity, both in song and emotion behind Worlds Away that makes it a compelling listen. So grab this record, join Lindsay Schoolcraft in her magickal forest glades.

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