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Friday, September 4, 2020

Vous Autres - Sel De Pierre

The French post-black metal scene is truly impressive right now and there's a ton of fascinating stuff going on within the scene that seems to continually be broadening the sound and showcasing new directions that it can take. The latest offering in this vein is from Season of Mist signees Vous Autres. Their new record, Sel De Pierre is masterful. It sees the band crafting some emotionally powerful post black metal that seemingly can't help but to capture the imagination and carry you off on a journey you won't soon forget. It's that good. 

What really shines here is the layers upon layers of production. This is of course oftentimes a must in the post-black metal genre. The synth padding that really accentuates a track like 'Vesuve' is magical and is counterbalance by an utterly crushing rhythm section. The balance between dark and light here is truly impressive. It means that these songs can really give a sort of panoramic view of the artists vision. You find yourself journeying between distinct and beautiful musical landscapes. It's the sort of transcendent and simple poetry that keeps me coming back to the genre and Vous Autres are able to perfectly execute upon it. 

Sel De Pierre is a potent offering. It's impressive to hear something so fully formed coming out barely a year after the bands last release. This is the sort of elegant execution that I hope to see more of in the genre and the way the record is able to ebb and flow makes the entire thing infinitely replayable. Meanwhile distinct elements like the use of what sounds like an 808 drum on Ecueil really are head turners. A lot of thought clearly went into this and the more time you spend unpacking the secrets within the more you are justly rewarded. This is a record that you're going to get lost in - so take the time to turn it up, sit back and enjoy the madness. 

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