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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Vous Autres - Sel De Pierre

For those in the know, the French black metal scene is one of the most exciting in the world right now. The bands in this community have really proven that they are a head and shoulders above their peers and the scene keeps feeding off itself. That being said - I have never really heard a band with a crushingly heavy take on the genre the way Vous Autres do. With their stunning second record, Sel De Pierre, these manic Frenchmen have crafted something that really owes more to Amenra than it does to Mayhem, while still being identifiably black metal. 

Release via Season of Mists stellar Underground Activists imprint, the band has been able to impress with some truly massive compositions. The scope of some of these tracks is stunning and the use of 808s in conjunction with real drums on tracks like 'Onde' really helps to set them apart from the pack. What really sticks out though is the absolutely massive production. These songs simply sound huge. Part of this is thanks to the epic bass playing, but also just because of how big the guitar tone is. With plenty of space to breathe in the compositions, this is post black metal that seeks to transcend and guide the listener into madness. 

With Sel De Pierre Vous Autres manage to elbow in on the triumphant and glorious. They have crafted music that is epic in scale and leaves listeners utterly impressed. There is a breadth to what has been done here that many of the bands peers can't even begin to imagine. Sel De Pierre is a massive step forward for this group, and considering that there was only a one year gap from its predecessor you have to wonder what sort of sorcery Vous Autres are conjuring up next. This is a truly impressive release and I can't wait to hear more from the band!

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