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Monday, September 28, 2020

Spirit Adrift - Enlightened In Eternity

Spirit Adrift are back and they have been making strides. After all, you gotta love a band who since their inception in 2015 have poured out four full lengths and a pair of EP's. That being said - the bands brand of stately doom had captured my imagination from the first with each successive record seemingly pushing the band that much further ahead. Still - I don't think that I was expecting the true metal vibes to be flaunted as proudly as they are on their impressive new record Enlightened In Eternity.

While yes - the band had initially started out as something very close to Pallbearer, their evolution has been exciting to watch. This record has some veritable ragers, and the epic metal magic hinted at in the cover is confirmed from the first with the potent opening track, 'Ride Into The Light.' I love the big chorus on this song and the way that it immediately carries the listener back to the magic of bands like Thin Lizzy or even NWOBHM acts like Angel Witch. Meanwhile the doom and grandiose compositions are still there. 'Reunited In The Void' is one of the bands most epic offerings to date. It seems like they're only going to grow. 

In short - I didn't really expect Spirit Adrift to make a record that is straight up fun, but here we are. What they have done is craft something potent and exciting which seems to continually advance what they are capable of and hint at grand new futures. There is so much to get lost in here and it's a fun reminder of the glory of old school heavy metal. Spirit Adrift have crafted what is perhaps their most honest record yet full of heavy metal frills. As you navigate this world of circles and rings, dragons and kings it's hard not to fall in love.

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