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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Yatra - All Is Lost

Man - Yatra is a fucking sick band. Now with their third full length since January of 2019, the band is diving forth once more into the breach. Few bands can maintain this level of productivity and remain excellent - but here we are. With their Dopethrone-infused brand of sludge the band is able to crush skulls and capture the imagination. Few bands have this sheer level of heaviness, and when you bring in the surprisingly memorable hooks it becomes clear that Yatra were getting into some of the good stuff during quarantine. 

All Is Lost is a very mature work from the young band - proof that creating as much music as they have is working to their advantage. Their relentless schedule means that this album sees the band building on so much of their early potential to prove to us that they are a one of a kind force. the guitar tone alone I could write a review of - it's truly excellent, heavy and evil without ever really leaning into the sheer fuzz wall that so many of the bands peers rely on. It means that their surprisingly intricate riffs are really given a chance to sign, but when they want to just bring the doom instead they have no problem delivering the goods. 

This is a masterful offering and it's one that fans of sludge will find themselves coming back too. As the band continue to mature and evolve their sound they get better and better. In fact I might even go so far as to say that while yes this is the bands best work to date, it's also some of the least heavy. Their execution shines though. Moments like the solo on 'Blissful Wizard' help to prove that All Is Lost represents an exciting new step for the band. This is a record that will leave you utterly crushed - so press play now - we're all doomed!

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