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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Hanging Fortress - Darkness Devours


The midwest death metal scene is a really exciting one right now. It feels like every week a potent new band is rising out of the American heartland and impressing us all with their chainsaw riffs and devastating gutturals. The latest to join their ranks is the incredibly impressive Hanging Fortress. Their debut album, Darkness Devours is seven tracks of hardcore infused death metal - y'know - the style that's really in vogue right now. Don't take that as a dis though - that style is in vogue for a reason and Hanging Fortress deliver with goddamn aplomb. 

While there are few real surprises on this record, as a general rule, Darkness Devours sees the band executing at an extremely high level and proving that they have a deep understanding of this breed of American death metal. Darkness Devours is the sort of death metal record that writhes in the murk and revels in the pit. The devastation and horror behind a track like album closer 'Killing You' is delectable. This is a band who, for as much as they may like hardcore, are clearly also extremely invested in old school bands like Cannibal Corpse. It adds to the devastating magic and keeps you utterly enthralled throughout. 

Clocking in at just above 20 minutes this is a record that is very replayable. The band show off what makes them great and then they get out of your hair - which is exactly what I think most of us want out of a debut. There are moments here that border on the terrifying and others that will capture the imagination. Darkness Devours consistently proves though that Hanging Fortress are a one of a kind sonic force who are here to rip out your throat, tear out your hair and leave you wondering - what sort of monstrosity is this? 

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