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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Ymir - S/T


With demos stretching back 20 years, it's a pleasure to finally get to hear the debut full length from Finnish black metal pagans Ymir. Their self titled debut is a veritable snowstorm of volume, crushing riffs and sheer go for the throat full moon mysticism. This is a record that reflects on the power of black metals second wave from the eyes of guys who lived it. Longstanding creative partnerships have finally come to blackened fruition on this record, and it is a delight to lose oneself in the blasphemy that Ymir have crafted. 

There is something wonderfully mesmerizing about this record. The cascading waves of guitars on tracks like 'Winterstorms' can't help but to capture the imagination as they carry you off to a time forgot. The overarching sense of torment that shapes this release is delectable and really speaks to the bands ability to continue to elevate and capture the imagination. In many ways the vibes on this record reflect some of the finest moments of Gorgoroth or even Immortal, inviting you to get lost in gorgeous snow covered landscapes, wondering where your journey may take you next. Bombastic and exciting, Ymir is frequently a stunner. 

This is a masterful release and one that countless listeners are going to lose themselves in if they give it a chance. The production is stellar and the record as a whole takes the listener on an epic and beautiful journey. It's hard not to be charmed by the elegant poetry of what has been done here and the ways that Ymir will continue to elevate themselves if they sally forth once more. While this debut album was decades in the making, in many ways it feels decidedly worth it. Ymir have gotten to the spirit of black metal and it is triumphant.

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