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Monday, September 21, 2020

Supruga - Хаос / Никто не в безопасности


I have like a weird rule now that when the PR wire says a band sounds like Amenra I have to check them out. I'm usually glad I do. Today's adventure in Amenra worship is Supruga whose new record, Хаос / Никто не в безопасности is a masterclass in what post metal can be at its finest. There is a grim transcendence to this offering and the sublime poetry that they offer within. With monolithic guitars, crushing tones and a sense that we might actually get out of thing alive, Supruga are a welcomed blaze from the Russian sky. 

It's such a delight getting lost in the simple poetry of what has been done here. There are layers upon layers of sound and the sheer dedication to volume is only one part of the overarching puzzle. There is a very real elegance to the execution of what Supruga are doing and to sink into this divine poetry is a rare treat. While yes the bands blend of post metal with black metal and touches of hardcore is not easily accessible, for those of us deeply invested in this music it feels like a logical fit. The production may not be as pretty as that of an Amenra or Neurosis record, but the sheer level of emotion they conjure up is almost as potent. It hints at so much more that could be done. 

Хаос / Никто не в безопасности is a masterful offering and hints at a lot of goodness to come. The band has put together something monumental here and it is a delight to get lost in the layers of tracks like 'Час хищника.' The band clearly put this together with a greater overarching vision in mind. Their ability to conjure up tormented imagery with stellar execution puts them ahead of the pack. This is a fascinating record and one that demands multiple listens. The deeper you delve into their interlocking pieces the more you fall in love.

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