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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Bergeton - Miami Murder

This is an interesting, if not entirely unexpected one. Bergeton is the electronic side project of Mayhem's Morten Bergeton Iversen. Those who have been paying attention know that their have been ties between electronic music and black metal for years. That being said, it's interesting to hear a black metal artist playing such a poppy take on electronic music. Nevertheless - Miami Murder is a very interesting listen. There is a sense within Bergeton that even within the brightest and sunniest of melodies, true darkness can be unveiled that claws at ones sanity.

Don't think that Miami Murder is without it's metal frills. Tracks like 'Fort Apache Marina' balance poppy electro melodies with touches of brooding guitars and even a flashy solo. It makes for a weird and unexpected combination of ideas that can't help but to excited and impress the listener. There is a breadth to the compositions on Miami Murder that sets them in a league of their own.The atmospheres are fun, and clearly very synthwave inspired. Yet this is only one part of what makes Miami Murder such a delight to spend time with. It's something you can sink your teeth into for spin after spin, reveling in the subversice magic of it all. 

I love the balance of emotions here and the clear ideas that seem to elegantly meld one into the next. Miami Murder is a delight to get to spend time with and it really speaks to just how talented Mr. Iversen is. There are so many layers you can uncover and it's a delight to pick apart. There is darkness, there is light. There is pop, there is avant garde. Yet within all of it, it is distinctly Bergeton and that's what counts. This entire thing makes sense as a cohesive unit and is a record I think will stand out as an interesting offering from one of the great minds in black metal. 

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