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Monday, October 12, 2020

Wombripper - Macabre Melodies

Man this is a fun one. Wombripper are a twisted fucking death metal band out of Russia. There take on Swedeath is as wonderfully repulsive as it is heavy. Wombripper have that real go for the throat energy that facilitates some of the best bands in the genre. As they careen forward you get a sense for the twisted magic of this band and the demented realities that they so eagerly paint. This is pulverizing death metal at its finest, cracking skulls and forcing listeners to accept the torment of this devastating world. 

One thing that really get me about this album is the snare sound. It's not great, but that's part of the appeal. the way it just sort clangs along helps to make the band all the more appealing. Its the perfect, almost musical counterpoint to the buzzsaw guitars and twisted vocals. The way that Wombripper refuse to let up really as to the potency of this record. You find yourself getting beaten over the head time and time again. Even when they step back for a moment it's to come back at you harder and faster with a riff even gnarlier than before. Of special note are the solos. Shredders on tracks like 'Shredded Corpse Remains' are an absolute blast. 

Macabre Melodies is a blast. There are a ton of elements on this album that play into tropes, but that's a key part of the fun. Wombripper are going to drag you to hell, and if you're anything like me you are going to let them. This is true death metal you bastards. Chaotic and over the top, it's hard not to fall in love with the crippling power of this band. There is an ominous and powerful magick to their work. Are you ready to dive in and taste the venom? This is what death metal is all about and by god is it fucking scary.

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